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The Black Nazarene: The Christ of the poor and the powerless

12 Jan , 2018  

“Life does not lie in power. We were born without power, and when we die, we will have no power as well Live without being greedy for power, and you will be a real person,” This was the message of Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle during the Holy Mass before the annual Black Nazarene procession held […]


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ACN accompanies Bishop De La Peña’s first visit to Destroyed Marawi Cathedral

12 Jan , 2018   Gallery

After several failed attempts, Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Peña was finally able to revisit the ruined city center of Marawi and the remnants of a desecrated Cathedral that he used to call home. Upon his entry to the Church, the Bishop quietly knelt before the altar where he celebrated the Holy Mass for 17 […]