Message from Archbishop Soc Villegas

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan
President, Aid to the Church in Need (Philippines)

The Aid to the Church in Need Philippines will launch on March 23, Friday before Holy Week, DUYOG MARAWI.

It is a campaign for prayers for the spiritual healing of Marawi. It is an appeal for funds to help rebuild the ruined homes in Marawi. It is a call for all peace- loving peoples never to allow the Marawi war ever to happen anywhere else again.

Marawi was a city of beauty. It was a city of bounty. It was a city of harmony. When selfish, short sighted and narrow minded terrorists struck the city, its beauty turned to ashes; its bounty run dry; and its harmony was crushed to dust.

We must not allow terror and violence to reign. Our first response is to pray. There can be no peace without prayer. There is no peace without God. It is seriously wrong and immoral to use the name of God to sow violence and hatred and war.

Let our prayer bear fruit in charity. Let charity be shown by giving. Let us donate for the reconstruction of Marawi. Every centavo, every peso, every gift will count. If we all give, we can rebuild the bullet riddled homes in Marawi into true homes of peace. We can rebuild the bombed cathedral and mosque of Marawi so we can worship God again in peace and prosperity, Christians and Moslems as brothers and sisters.

Let Duyog Marawi be our common pledge to sow peace and plant seeds of compassion everywhere. Wars are born from hearts that are cold and unforgiving. Conflicts arise when we lose sight of our common destiny which is eternal peace in heaven. War never again. Let the war in Marawi be the last.

Let us help Marawi. Please pray for Marawi. Please share to rebuild Marawi. Make peace!

Saint John the Evangelist, Cathedral, Dagupan City, March 16, 2018

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