Feature Stories

“My father was killed two days after my birthday. I will always remember his smile right before he died. ”

24 Jan , 2018  

MARIAN NABIL HABIB refers to this day as “the martyrdom of my father.” Nabil Habib was 48; he was among the 29 people who died Dec. 11, 2016, in a suicide attack claimed by ISIS. The targets were worshippers at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Coptic Church in Cairo, also known as El-Botroseya Church. Marian, […]



Egypt Welcomes Today “Pope of Peace”

27 Apr , 2017  

“As-salamu alaykum! (Peace be with you!)” These were the words of Pope Francis in a video message to the Egyptian people as he is scheduled to land in Cairo today, 28 April at 2 PM (8 PM Manila time). The Pope’s visit comes just three weeks after Egypt’s Orthodox Christian Churches became targets of bloody […]