Who We Help

As a Pontifical organization, Aid to the Church in Need serves the Catholic Church by supporting parishes, congregations and Catholic organizations serving in crisis areas.
The Church has always provided care for those in need through its pastoral mission and by extending social assistance in many crisis areas.


But what many do not know: the Church itself often requires urgent help, mainly in developing countries and those affected by poverty, displacement, catastrophe or persecution.
ACN’s special area of focus is advocating for religious freedom and mobilizing support parishes and Catholic organizations working in more than 40 countries where religious freedom is not guaranteed. Here the Church infrastructure and the human dignity of the faithful cannot be maintained through their own resources, or if so, only with great difficulty. In many of these countries, monetary donations are the only source of income for the Church.
Read below the inspiring stories of people who have directly benefited from the charity of over 400,000 benefactors worldwide.